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About us

Artie fiber and weaving.

Explore the exclusive artie garden fiber and hand weaving process. Outdoor furniture design, material and manufacturing for high quality.

Fiber and weaving

Trained by master weavers and using techniques from the Philippines, Indonesia and other parts of the World. Our weavers have the reputation of being the best in the world. Our design team and management work close with our weaving department to develope our unique pieces.

We strive on creating an enjoyable team and work enviroment. Our expert weaving department excels and takes pride in their handcrafted unique trade.

Strict multi stag control procedures ensure quality. Our polyethylene high density and non-fading wicker fiber ensures a long life impervious to UV, chlorine and salt water. Small polyethylene pellets are the basic material. Once heated to the correct temperature, the melted granulates are extracted through a variety of nozzles creating our extremely diverse shapes and sizes of fiber all nin-toxic, harmless and 100% recycable.

We experiment with hundreds of shapes, sizes and textures, whether smooth or rough and flat or round, our fiber passes through multiple stages. Experimenting with extruding sizes from 2.5mm to 40mm and developing the Proper colors are all part of Artie Fiber development. Once completed, all fiber is tested using the appropriated calibrated machinery and agencies to ensure the finished product meets the environment demands and is impervious to UV fading, tearing, chlorine and salt water.